Family Photography by the Lake - Fayetteville, North Carolina Family Photographer

Last year, I got to meet Yesi & her beautiful family for the first time to photograph their youngest son's first birthday in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  This Spring, she contacted me again, for a less joyful reason. Their Dog had cancer and they didn't know how much longer he was going to make it, so they wanted some last Photographs with him. 

A Dog is a family member, and that family member getting sick is such a tragedy and tucks on my heart strings. I can't imagine what they were going through, but I was so happy to get the opportunity to capture some final Images of him with his family. Especially with the boys being so young, I cant Imagine how much they are going to miss their friend.

Sadly, shortly after our Session at Lake Rim Park, he passed away. I know that he brought so much joy to this family and that he is in a better place now, looking down upon them and keeping them in his little doggy heart. <3