Hello, again.

Ohhh, I havent blogged in so long! But not to worry, I am back. 

I love when previous clients come back - it is one of the greatest feelings since you know that you did something right and that they truly value you. The Davis family was one of the first clients I had and one of the first clients that trusted me with their memories. 
That was really important for me when I first started, and when I was unsure about whether this I would want to Photography my full time profession or if it would stay a hobby. 

About one year later, it wasn't just the 4 of them - the oldest son is here for the summer and they had another precious addition. 

I was so happy to see them again, and things like that make it even harder to leave Fort Campbell soon. The memories made and the beautiful people I have gotten to meet will make me truly miss this place!


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