My first newborn shoot!

Even though I do not have kids on my own, I looove them. Especially babies. And while I have been eyeing newborn photography for a while now, not having my own studio and not knowing anything kept me away. 

So I did what I usually do when something really interests me - I read anything and everything about it, watch videos, read blogs and articles. But how I learn best is by simply watching and actually doing it. So after preparing for a while, a fellow photographer, Jacque Brooks, let me be her assistant today at a newborn shoot. 

It was really great! Not only is Jacque such a sweetheart, she also took her time to explain everything to me. The young couple and their 7 year old baby were also adorable! It was especially nice that Jacque let me take a couple of shots of my own - I am so in love! 

I can not wait to have newborn sessions of my own - I am slowely collecting all the necessities and my studio will be up and running next week. I cant wait!