your camera ninja, and personal hype girl.

I was born and raised in Germany, hello efficiency and dry humor! I lost my parents and most of my family early in life so photos was really all I ever had. I wanted to capture everything and anything, because looking back on memories made me so darn happy. Photography became my way of expressing myself and my outlet

6 years ago, I moved to the United States chasing dreams and I decided to pursue this “crazy passion” - over 100 Weddings, countless happy couples + many publications later I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I took a chance and was rewarded with the best freaking couples in the world.

Additionally, I get to eat Wedding Cake most weekends, which is pretty much my favorite part of it all. No shame.

Along the way of capturing other peoples love stories, I fell in love myself - with a super cute guy serving in the military. He kinda swept me off my feet right away and now we get to do life together which is pretty cool.

JoJo bear-JoJo bear-0012.jpg

We just got married (Forever the photographer, finally the bride), which helps me to understand you even better now, because well, I was just in those wedding shoes!

Now we are about to move to Hawaii and start a new adventure! We are total beach bums, love exploring and hiking, so this is a dream come true!

This lonely little girl, that grew up in Germany walking around her 400 people farm town with her point and shoot camera, happy to come across a cow, dreaming of being an artist, now gets to live in Hawaii with the love of her life, photographing love stories in paradise. Life is freakin’ crazy sometimes.

When I am not working, I absolutely LOVE going to concerts. Whether small shows, festivals or concerts, even musicals or comedy clubs - I love live entertainment, singing along to songs and feeling that energy. "And I still listen to the same ish I did back than...."

However, I love to get down and dance to anything with a good beat and you will probably see me awkwardly grooving along on the side of the dance floor. Can I dance? Nah. Will I? Absolutely. 

My heart beats for Harry Potter + Star Wars, Tattoos, Roadtrips, and New York Style Pizza.

Think we’ll vibe? Awesomesauce!

I can’t wait to hear from you!