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Hey there, I am Jojo - a German girl in America chasing her dreams. 


I was born and raised in Germany, hello efficiency and dry humor! 5 years ago, I moved to the states and pursued my dream of becoming a photographer - 90 Weddings, countless happy couples + publications later I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Additionally, I get to eat Wedding Cake most weekends, which is pretty much my favorite part of it all. No shame. While were at it, there is no such thing as taco tuesday. Tacos are good any day of the week. 


I am that very weird type A that doesn't believe in matching socks but will make lists + extensive plans for everything and get an odd satisfaction out of checking them off. 

When I am not working, I absolutely LOVE going to concerts. Whether small shows, festivals or concerts, even musicals or comedy clubs - I love live entertainment, singing along to songs and feeling that energy. "And I still listen to the same ish I did back than...." #PopPunkForever

However, I love to get down and dance to anything with a good beat and you will probably see me awkwardly grooving along on the side of the dance floor. Can I dance? Nah. Will I? Absolutely. 

I love tattoos (duh), I like rewatching Harry Potter and Star Wars with a good (THINCRUST) Pizza. My boo and I love random weekend road trips and exploring the local food and craft beer scene, as well as exploring the local history. I am also a total beach bum. Not lay on the beach but "will be in the water the entire time, do backflips and play marco o polo" kinda beach bum. Never ever grow up, its not fun. 

The way to my heart are fresh flowers, silly little trinket gifts, funny greeting cards with a hand written message (bring back letters!), and true crime shows.